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Cygnus Satellite is Australia’s most dynamic
wholesale provider of end-to-end satellite services and
Private LTE networks.

Cygnus is a wholly-owned subsidiary of URSYS, an Australian company that specialises in brilliantly engineered, bespoke remote area data and voice communications for industry, government and communities.

Cygnus supplies fully managed satellite services, along with comprehensive maintenance and support, to Tier 1 and Tier 2 telecommunications providers and professional VSAT service intermediaries. As well, we also help large organisations that need fixed and mobile remote communications infrastructure, including portable satellite trailers.

We also design, engineer and support Private LTE networks for clients working in remote areas of mainland Australia who require reliable and secure communications that can handle large data payloads and diverse applications.

Cygnus Private LTE networks can connect with clients’ existing fibre and satellite networks, and devices such as smart phones and tablet PCs.

Reliable 24/7 communications are vital when large investments are at stake and the wellbeing of personnel could be at risk. Redundancy systems are especially important in isolated parts of the country where extremes of climate and huge distances can compromise permanent terrestrial communications networks. In addition to our other products and services, Cygnus Satellite offers cost effective remote communications redundancy systems to help clients stay connected – ensuring that anywhere is always just next door.


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